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Are you looking for the best chimney sweep in Murraysville, PA? If so, then that also means you understand the importance of routine chimney maintenance. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners across our region with various chimney services including chimney repair and waterproofing in Murraysville, PA.

From chimney repair to sweeps to inspections and beyond, our CSIA-certified team is ready to help. When you need the best, turn to Advance Chimney Sweeps!

Chimney repairs in Murraysville, PA

Regardless of what we find, our team can handle the necessary chimney repairs to get your system back up and running. The most common problem we’ll identify is chimney leaks. These frequently have a wide variety of causes, all of which we can fix with ease.

Dampers help to control the flow in and out of chimney systems. If yours is stuck in one position or the other, it can create havoc with your airflow. We can help eliminate this problem. In addition, a missing or damaged chimney cap will frequently lead to blockages via leaves, debris, and even animals. We’ll gladly install a replacement cap for you.

Finally, chimney liners from days gone by were often made of clay tile. Over time, these can weather and break. Our team can repair these or, insert a stainless steel liner as a replacement.

Chimney masonry repair and waterproofing

Additional types of chimney repair solutions that we offer include waterproofing and fixing problematic masonry. There are several options here, including:

  • Crown repair;
  • Tuckpointing;
  • Waterproofing;

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And more. Chimney masonry repair is another way of preventing leaks and the effect of water on your system. These materials are porous, so your crown acts as a first layer of protection to divert water away. However, if this is damaged, it can’t do its job, which is why we offer solutions to fix broken chimney crowns.

Tuckpointing focuses on the repair of mortar joints before it leads to even larger masonry problems. Waterproofing acts as a way to protect the repairs we completed while warding off future water damage.

Chimney Sweeps and Cleanings in Murraysville, PA

Every part of your home needs some type of annual maintenance. Your chimney is no different. Each year, we provide chimney sweeps and cleanings throughout Murraysville, PA, and the neighboring regions. Our technicians work hard to keep your safety our top priority.

How does this process work? An annual chimney sweep and cleaning includes the removal of dangerous creosote from your flue. It’s a natural by-product of burning wood, and if the homeowner uses unseasoned or soft wood, it will build up faster. If left unattended, creosote can be both a health and safety problem.

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The by-product itself can be toxic, plus it creates some unpleasant odors when mixed with water. In addition, creosote is flammable. If it breaks off, it can easily catch fire. We remove this build-up so that none of these are a risk for your home.

Remodeling, inserts, and more

Many homeowners today are turning to fireplace remodeling and refacing. This gives their living areas an aesthetic facelift by updating the look of their system.

We also offer chimney liners, converting wood-burning systems to gas-powered alternatives. Along with that, we offer ceramic gas log sets, which emulate the look of burning wood while using natural gas as your source of fuel.

Finally, we offer freestanding gas stove units. These can burn a variety of fuel types and are a great addition to any living area.

3 levels of chimney inspections

We can also perform one of three types of chimney inspections. Each of these serves various purposes, and our team is well-qualified to handle them all.

Level 1 Chimney Inspections are the most basic type. This is a visual review of each component of your fireplace and chimney system. We’ll look for problems and areas of concern and make recommendations for repair.

Level 2 Chimney Inspections are more involved, as we use camera equipment to inspect the deeper and harder-to-see areas of your system. They are also a legal requirement in the state of Pennsylvania when a homeowner is putting their house up for sale. That’s why they’re also called real estate chimney inspections.

The final type, Level 3 Chimney Inspections, are the most rare and only account for less than 2% of all inspections nationwide. Nevertheless, if needed, our team can assist with these.

Schedule your Annual Sweep and Inspection

Advance Chimney Sweeps is your trusted chimney service company! Make sure you are scheduling your annual chimney sweep and inspection. It is the best way to catch damage early, ensure repairs are done in a timely manner, and lower your risk of chimney fire from built up creosote.

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Our team has extensive experience and knowledge to handle any type of chimney problem that you may have. From sweeps and cleanings to repairs and fireplace remodeling, we can handle it all. We’re proud members of both the Pennsylvania and National Chimney Sweeps Guilds along with a BBB Torch Awarding-winning chimney company.

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