Need Chimney Repairs in Pittsburgh or Southwest PA? Advance Chimney Specialists, Inc. Can Help

Your chimney is an important part of your home structure and keeping it in great condition is key to protecting your investment. But that’s not always easy…

Sometimes damage occurs, components fail, leaks spring up, or things just start looking worse with each passing year. The good news is, there’s one company that can help you get things back to where they should be.

We Specialize in a Wide Range of Repair Services

Here at Advance Chimney Specialists, we specialize in a full range of repair services for chimney systems, big and small. We hire the best and most qualified individuals, and all of our employees participate in continued education throughout the course of their employment. We’re also one of the only chimney companies in Southwest PA that has a CSIA-certified lead technician in every truck.

So, whether you need someone to repair leaky flashing, restore your chimney with tuckpointing and masonry repairs, reline your flue, or rebuild your chimney from the ground up, you can count on Advance Chimney Specialists, Inc. 

We Warranty Our Work

When you call on Advance Chimney Specialists, you’re guaranteed that a knowledgeable, experienced, and highly-trained team will be working on your chimney system. A team that knows what to do and how to do it, so that you’re not wasting your money on work that won’t last.

We even warranty our work and stand behind our work even after the warranty has expired. So, if you need chimney repairs, you can feel good about calling Advance Chimney Specialists.

Call Now

Live in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Glenshaw, Wexford, Greensburg, or somewhere else in Southwest PA? To have your chimney inspected and repaired by an experienced professional, call or request an appointment online today. Scheduling is easy and we take great care of our clients – guaranteed.