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Is Your Chimney in Bad Shape?

Real estate inspections aren’t all we offer to Cranberry and the neighboring areas. Whether you need more routine maintenance, like a sweeping or inspection, or something more in-depth and technical, like pointing services or installation work, we are here to help. View our full service list below, and please reach out if you have any questions – we’re here for you!

Some Of Our Services

  • Chimney Inspections (Level 1, 2, and Real Estate)
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Estimates
  • Chimney Repairs
    • Chimney Relining
    • Chimney Cap & Damper Replacement
    • Chase Cover Replacement
    • Chimney Leak Troubleshooting & Repair
      • Chimney Waterproofing
    • Chimney Pointing & Masonry Repair
    • Chimney Fire Restoration
    • Chimney Rebuilds & New Builds
    • Fireplace Refacing
  • Wood Stoves
  • Fireplace Inserts & New Factory Built Fireplaces

And be sure to view our many stove & insert options, too!

Moving To (or From) Cranberry Soon? Invest in A Real Estate Chimney Inspection From Advance Chimney Sweeps, Inc.

Real estate inspections performed by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweep are a vital part of anybody’s pre-move checklist. If you live in or close to Cranberry, Seneca, Victory Heights, Egypt Corners, Astral, East Sandy, Hill City, Van, Aax, Woodland Heights, Tipperary, Bredinsburg, Wexford, Glenshaw, or Pittsburgh, and are in need of some professional insight, we’re the team to trust!

If you’re buying a home and have already gotten your home inspection completed, you may think the chimney system is in the clear, too. Unfortunately, this false assumption frustrates many when they discover, shortly after moving in, that major chimney repairs are needed .

When it comes down to it, home inspections and real estate chimney inspections are two very different things. And while home inspectors offer a lot of valuable information regarding the overall health and structural integrity of the home, they are not trained chimney professionals.

Their only requirement is to determine if any obvious defects are present. They may suggest investing in a sweeping or seeking further professional insight if they notice anything of concern, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Regardless of their analysis, level 2 real estate inspections should always be performed by a CSIA-certified sweep before the transfer of property is officially completed. It’s what the NFPA recommends and it’s what we recommend as well.

What Does a Real Estate Chimney Inspection Include?

What can you expect when you invest in this service? Well, when the sweeps from Advance Chimney come out, we’ll complete the following:

  • Examine all accessible parts of your chimney exterior and interior. We may use common tools to remove doors or coverings, as well as certain parts of the appliance and chimney connections.
  • Check the structural soundness of the entire system, along with ensuring the installation of the appliance was performed correctly. We’ll also determine whether or not all connections are in place and working appropriately.
  • Ensure no obstructions or creosote deposits are blocking airflow or creating potential hazards.
  • Use camera equipment to get a 360-degree view of all internal surfaces and interior components.

In the end, nothing will be overlooked by our experienced and thorough crew. We’re known for our extensive knowledge and attention to detail, so hire us now for the best care available!

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In the end, chimney care isn’t something to put off. If you need care, call us to your home on Freedom Road, Commonwealth Drive, Haldeman Drive, Sarah Drive, Clearbrook Drive, Anna Marie Drive, Thorn Hill Road, Nicklas Drive, Executive Drive, Brandt Drive, Sussex Drive, Robinhood Drive, McElroy Road, Creekview Circle, Woodland Road, Wayne Drive, Fayette Drive, Rolling Road, Sun Valley Drive, Bucks Road, Greenwood Drive, Laporte Drive, or anywhere else nearby today.

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