Looking to purchase a stove this season? Their efficiency and aesthetic appeal make them an idyllic option for many homeowners! Yet, once you’ve made the decision to purchase one, you’ll still have another choice to consider – which fuel is best for you?

Here at Advance Chimney Specialists, we offer stove options in wood, gas, and pellet, so no matter your preference, we’ve got you covered!


Wood stove

Not sure which would be most appropriate for your home? We can help with that, too! Check out some pros and cons of each below. And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you every step of the way!

Wood Stoves


  • Wood is an inexpensive, easy-to-access, and renewable fuel source. In fact, if you season and store your own firewood, there’s hardly any cost involved at all!
  • There’s no beating the timeless, classic aesthetic a wood-burning system offers. While fairly realistic flames can be created with gas, it’s impossible to fully replicate the authentic smells, sounds, and overall feel of using wood logs.
  • When used appropriately, you can lower your home’s energy bills significantly.
  • There are many size and style options, so finding the right fit for your home and needs will never be an issue. Whether your space is big or small, we have units that are suitable for you!
  • You’ll have fire, even in a power outage. Since wood doesn’t rely on electricity to function, this is a great option for those that tend to face outages in bad weather.


  • One of the biggest cons of wood-fueled stoves is they require more work on your end. It’s imperative you know how to build and maintain a fire, and there’s hauling wood involved, along with scooping ash, seasoning and storing fuel, and more.
  • There’s typically more mess involved, and you may face smoke in your home if things are not done correctly. This can lead to odors, health issues, and an overall unpleasant ambiance.

In the end, a wood stove’s authenticity is simply unparalleled, but you have to be willing to put in the work to really enjoy it. For those who are familiar with building fires and enjoy the process involved, you may find that this is the perfect fit!

Gas Stoves


  • Gas stoves are extremely convenient. If your life is already busy enough, and you don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of building an actual fire evening after evening, then gas is likely better for you. Just flip a switch, and you’ll be rolling!
  • There is far less mess involved. Again, because you’re not dealing with actual wood, you get the great ambiance of a beautiful, cozy fire, only without the wood chips, ash, and messy-looking pile of logs.
  • They’re highly efficient. If you want fast, steady heat that radiates through the room, you’ll definitely get it with a gas-fueled system!
  • There are a variety of styles available. Whether you want something more traditional and realistic looking or something sleek, modern, and different, we’ve got options for you.
  • No waiting on flames to die out. Once you’re ready for bed or about to leave the house, just flip the unit off, and you’re good to go.


  • Heating with gas is always going to be more expensive than heating with wood. If you’re looking for the cheapest fuel source, this isn’t it.
  • In the end, as realistic as some might look, these units don’t use actual wood logs. If you want the sounds and smells associated with a real fire, you’ll need to go with a wood-fueled system.

The efficiency and convenience of a gas system is honestly hard to beat. Just remember – more convenience and less work for you doesn’t mean you can skip your annual inspection. No matter your fuel source or appliance, annual chimney, stove, fireplace, and insert inspections are a must and ensure you stay safer and more comfortable with every season.

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Pellet Stoves


  • They’re easy to operate. Just load up the hopper, then let the machine take it from there. It will automatically dispense the pellets as needed, so you can rest easier all evening long.
  • Less work. Pellet stoves can operate for hours on end before needing to be refilled, so you won’t be getting up and down constantly to tend to the fire or add more fuel.
  • If using recycled wood chips, you can help to minimize waste significantly!
  • They burn cleanly and efficiently. You’ll get a lot of heat without a lot of hassle.


  • While pellets aren’t necessarily hard to store, you’ll still need to ensure you have the space for them.
  • Despite their convenience, there still will be some ash cleanup involved.
  • They require electricity, so don’t plan on being able to operate yours if the power’s out.
  • For those seeking the authenticity of wood, but the convenience of gas, pellet stoves may be a good alternative.

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