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Every year, homeowners in and around Bethel Park, PA look forward to the cooler months so that they can once again start using their fireplaces. Providing warmth, ambiance, and relaxation, a fireplace with a fully functional chimney system is truly an amazing experience. However, if you want to keep using yours without any problems, at some point you’ll need to contact a professional CSIA-certified chimney company.

Chimney & fireplace cleaning available in Bethel Park PAOur team provides many chimney services in Bethel Park, PA. From chimney sweeping to inspections and repairs, there’s no task our team can’t handle.

A Chimney Sweep in Bethel Park, PA

Whether you live on Bethel Church Road, Clifton Road, McMurray Road, Kings School Road, or somewhere else within our community, chimney safety should be one of your top priorities. An annual chimney sweep and cleaning helps to remove dangerous creosote from your flue.

Creosote is a natural byproduct of burning wood. Over time, it can collect and build up within your flue. By scheduling an annual chimney sweep and cleaning, our team will keep your system clear of any obstructions.

We Provide Chimney Inspections

While visiting your home during an annual sweep, we will also perform an inspection. There are several levels of service you can choose from. Level 1 Chimney Inspections are primarily a visual review of your system. We’ll inspect both the interior and exterior of your system to look for damage as well as any warning signs of upcoming problems.

Level 2 Chimney Inspections in Bethel Park, PA are sometimes referred to as a real estate inspection. They’re referred to as such because they are a legal requirement within Pennsylvania when selling a home with an active fireplace. Here, we’ll use a camera to review the deeper recesses of your flue.

Fireplace remodeling in Delmont & Bethel Park PA

All Of Your Fireplace Needs

Whether you live on California Avenue, Maple Street, Elm Street, Willow Street, or somewhere else within our community, we can help with other fireplace needs too. For example, some homeowners want to change their wood-burning fireplace to a gas-powered alternative. We can help with these types of inserts as well as fireplace remodeling.

There are several types of fireplace systems, including the two we’ve mentioned. In addition, factory-built fireplace systems are similar yet slightly different variations. We happily service these types of homes as well.

Finally, there are non-traditional yet just as functional options including freestanding wood stoves and ceramic gas log sets.

Chimney Masonry Repair & Rebuilding

Your firebox and external structure have one thing in common: they’re made of masonry. Brick and mortar materials are porous, which makes them susceptible to weathering via moisture. However, they’re also designed to withstand the high heat aspect of burning wood.

Externally, your chimney will often need services such as tuckpointing. Sometimes, you may even have a problem with your chimney crown. As damage to your masonry can lead to leaks within your home, it’s imperative to get these fixed ASAP. Our team is the trusted source for chimney masonry repair in Bethel Park, PA.

Professional chimney repairs in Bethel Park PATaking Care Of Chimney Repairs

Throughout the greater Bethel Park, PA region homeowners have turned to us for all types of chimney repairs. From Main Street to Maplevue Drive, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners by taking care of problems of all sizes.

Some of the more common chimney repairs we’ve fixed include:

  • Replacing and repairing chimney liners;
  • Fixing your chimney tops including replacing damaged or missing caps;
  • Taking care of issues with both internal and external dampers, and;
  • Eliminating leaks through solutions such as waterproofing.

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Advance Chimney Sweeps is our region's preferred chimney company. With decades of experience, we’re here to help keep your family safe and your chimney fully functional.

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