Chimney Crown Repair

One of the responsibilities of a chimney sweep is to perform an inspection of the top of your chimney. This includes your chimney crown, a concrete formed structure that provides crucial protection for your entire chimney below. We help with chimney crown repair and rebuilding everywhere from Pittsburgh PA area south to West Virginia, and the surrounding communities.

What Is A Chimney Crown?

Your chimney has to withstand significant punishment from the elements all year long. From the UV rays of the sun to the freezing cold temperatures of winter, there is always something wearing away at it. Moisture is especially damaging to masonry, as both brick and mortar are porous materials. Without a functional cement crown, water would simply run down the entire length of the chimney, causing gaps and cracks to form.

Your chimney crown helps to divert water away from the chimney structure. In addition, this cement component to your chimney system works to keep water from entering inside your home. Any cracks in the top of your chimney crown could cause significant damage to the interior of your home.

Chimney crown rebuilds available in Wexford & Cranberry Township PA

When Do You Need Chimney Crown Repair?

Chimney repairs are unpredictable, though, with a regular chimney sweep and inspection, you can often avoid some of the costlier ones. It’s a proactive method of maintaining your chimney, though even small cracks in your crown can lead to larger problems. By using a crown coating, we can help minimize the cost to the homeowner as long as the crown is still basically sound structurally.

During an inspection, our technicians will review the state of your crown. We will then make recommendations on how to best repair it so that you don’t have to take the next step: chimney crown rebuilding.

When Do You Need Chimney Crown Rebuilding?

Chimney crown rebuilding is a more involved process than repair. First, our team will check to see if there is damage in just one part or throughout the crown. If the latter is the case, we’ll remove the damaged component and apply new concrete. While more time and labor-intensive, this can ensure that any prior or undetected damage is fully remediated.

Chimney Crown Waterproofing

Once our team has repaired or rebuilt your chimney crown, another option to consider is waterproofing your chimney. Waterproofing helps to keep water from penetrating the bricks and mortar below the chimney crown.

Chimney Crown Repair & Rebuilding In Pittsburgh PA

From Allegheny County, Smithton, Uniontown, Greensburg, Murrysville, Western Somerset County and everywhere in between, we provide chimney crown repair and rebuilding and have served over 30,000 customers since opening our doors in 1996. Do you need to schedule your next chimney inspection? Then call Advance Chimney Sweeps, Inc at (800) 822-2131 to schedule your chimney crown repair and rebuilding.