Chimney Waterproofing

Our chimney sweep services include a wide variety of offerings for customers in the Greater Pittsburgh PA area south to Morgantown, Fairmont and Clarksburgh WV, and beyond. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has helped to make us a preferred chimney cleaning company you can trust. One of the services we often recommend to our customers is chimney waterproofing, actually this involves applying a water repellent sealant as a barrier against the water. This has many benefits as well as long-term cost savings for the typical homeowner.

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

There are many causes of chimney leaks, and the vast majority of them can be prevented with an annual chimney inspection. Brick-and-mortar are porous. When they encounter water, either via a heavy rainstorm, high humidity, or condensation, they can absorb this moisture. During the freeze-and-thaw cycle of our winter season, this can lead to a quick deterioration of the masonry brick and mortar.

If leaks are not addressed proactively, they can quickly lead to costly repairs down the road.

Importance Of Chimney Leak Repairs

As we mentioned, there are many reasons why a chimney may leak. This can be from spalling brick, missing mortar joints, a deteriorated crown, damaged flashing, and more. By fixing these issues, and then applying the necessary layer of waterproofing, your home can stay safer from these potential problems.

For example, a chimney that leaks may eventually lead to mold growth within the flue. This alone can severely harm your family’s health. Beyond mold, water mixing with creosote can lead to a smelly chimney. A leaky chimney can also cause the metal parts of your system to rust, which includes your cap and flue liner.

By proactively fixing repairs and routinely applying professional grade chimney water repellent, we’re able to keep these problems at bay.

We can fix your Chimney Leak!

Chimney waterproofing in Washington & Upper St Clair PA

How Chimney Water Repellent Protects Your Chimney Investment

After a chimney repair, we often recommend that our customers allow us to apply a layer of chimney waterproofing sealant to their masonry. This helps to keep water at bay, whether it be from the summertime storms or winter’s fury. Water repellent is your best line of defense against these situations.

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The Best Way To Prevent Leaks

The best way to prevent leaks is with an annual sweep and inspection. During this process, our team members can proactively assess your chimney’s condition. If we identify problems, we can fix them and then ensure that they’re waterproofed using the correct processes and sealant.

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