Wood-Burning Stoves

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Wood Burning Stoves Today

Do you have memories of visiting your grandparents or even great-grandparents and feeling the warm cozy heat that’s generated by a wood-burning stove? Maybe it's time to relive those memories back at home with a new modern wood stove.

Wood-burning stoves are much different today than they were back then. Manufacturers have spent significant levels of time and money to improve the production process. This means that today’s models are much more efficient than anything from the mid-1900s.

At the same time, a wood-burning stove is much more visually appealing than they were in the past as well. They’re rated for modern home standards and can provide significant BTUs of heat compared to older models.

What Is A Wood Burning Stove?

Technically, a wood-burning stove is a freestanding system that functions on a closed system. It’s more efficient, outputting up to 80% more heat than a traditional fireplace. They come in a variety of sizes while burning wood logs as you would expect with a masonry fireplace system.

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Visual Appeal

We’ve mentioned the wood burning stoves of the past already. It’s worth revisiting from a visual perspective. Back then, our grandparents wood-burning stove was a case of function over form. They were usually potbellied appliances that took up a great deal of space within a central area, sometimes even the primary living room.

Today, they’re far more attractive than that. They include a massive range of sizes, shapes, and finishes that help them blend in with a wide variety of decor styles and home layouts.

Heating Your Home With A Wood Burning Stove

As HVAC technology improved, wood-burning stoves fell out of general use. However, with an increasing desire for a fireplace-like setup, wood-burning stoves are making a comeback. Today’s models can heat a relatively large home due to their improved efficiency rating. In some cases, your wood-burning stove could even act as your primary method of heat during the Pennsylvania or West Virginia winters.

Venting Stove Pipes

There may be a bit of confusion when a homeowner hears the term “closed system.” A wood-burning stove will still use a stove venting pipe especially made for wood burning stoves. This is far less complicated than a traditional fireplace or insert venting system install. In addition, the maintenance with wood-burning stoves is very manageable, as the vent pipe itself takes the place of your chimney and can be accessed right from the back of your stove.

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