Chimney Repairs

If your home has a fireplace system, eventually you will need various types of chimney repairs. These can range from smaller projects, such as replacing a missing cap, to larger ones including fixing problems with your masonry. As a provider of chimney repairs in Glenshaw, Cranberry, Wexford, Beaver Falls, Uniontown, Belle Vernon, Waynesburg,Greensburg, Washington, Monroeville, Bethel Park, and throughout the Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, Fairmont and Clarksburg, WV region, we help homeowners solve a wide variety of problems with their fireplace systems.

Chimney relining available in Murrysville & Jefferson Hills PA

Repairing & Replacing Chimney Liners

A chimney liner helps to protect your home from the high heat and carbon monoxide associated with using your fireplace, stove or furnace. In years gone by, clay tile was the preferred type of liner. However, over time these can crack and break. Depending on the extent of the damage, we can repair these or replace them with newer, longer-lasting types of chimney liners. Stainless Steel chimney liners are often the bests choice for replacement.

Chimney liners serve the vital role of helping to contain the heat and stop it from permeating into the brick in your chimney and stopping the heat from reaching combustibles (wood) in your home.

Chimney chase cover installations in Beaver Falls & Latrobe PA

Chimney Caps, Crowns & Chase Tops

The top of your chimney is sometimes out of sight, out of mind. Nevertheless, it plays a vital role in your chimney system. There are several primary components to this part of your home, including a chimney cap and chimney crown. Some chimneys utilize and include a chimney chase cover.

Regardless of your specific setup, we provide chimney repairs that fix these problem areas quickly and efficiently.

Chimney rebuilding services in White Hall WV & Washington PA

Masonry Chimney Repairs

Our company has been Pittsburgh’s and North WV's premier chimney sweep company since 1996. As the region’s chimney experts, we help with many types of masonry chimney repairs. Many problems are due to deterioration that occurs as a result being exposed to the winter weather and the freeze and thaw cycles. Moisture and wind that can wear on your chimney are other factors that impact the health of your chimney. These natural processes can eventually lead to damage to your chimney. Annual chimney inspections can spot issues before they worsen.

Our service offerings include everything from common masonry services such as tuckpointing or repointing to the replacement of spalling or cracked bricks up to full chimney rebuilds.

Top mount damper installations and replacement in Delmont PA & Clarksburg WV

Ensuring Your Damper Functions As Intended

Top-mount chimney dampers are one solution to keep your flue and other parts of your system working well.

Your damper helps to control the flow of air within your fireplace. It should be left open whenever a fire is burning or smoldering and closed when not in use. Over time, they can rust or break in one position or the other. Our CSIA-certified technicians can easily fix this problem for you.

Professional chimney waterproofing in Bruceton Mills WV & Uniontown PA

Eliminating Leaks

Many parts of your chimney are susceptible to water damage. Masonry may be porous, but both waterproofing and a functional crown can help eliminate this headache. Precipitation can also make its way between the various seams between your home and roofing. Causes of leaks can range from flashing problems to chimney cap or crown issues.

Our chimney repairs help to eliminate leaks so that none of these are a cause for concern.


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