Top Mounting Dampers

Advance Chimney Sweeps provides many types of chimney services such as chimney cleaning, chimney inspections and more. This also includes helping homeowners in the Greater Pittsburgh PA area south to Morgantown, Fairmont and Clarksburgh WV install top mounting dampers and chimney flue caps for their chimney.

Top mount dampers installed in McMurray & New Kensington PA

The Difference Between A Top Mount & A Traditional Damper

Top-mount chimney dampers are one solution to keep your flue and other parts of your home safe. Damage to your chimney can often lead to problems elsewhere in your house. Top mounting dampers perform many of the same functions as a throat-mount damper. They control the flow of air in and out of your home.

A primary difference between top mounting dampers and their internal counterparts is how much of the flue they protect. With a throat mount damper, much of the flue’s interior area is still exposed to colder temperatures. They’re great for regulating airflow in and out of your home. For example, when you’re burning a fire, your damper should be open. When you’re not, the damper should be closed.

Top mounting dampers take this up a notch by keeping the cold air out of your flue in the first place. This also provides a few additional benefits.

The Benefits Of Top-Mount Dampers

One of the responsibilities of a well-trained chimney sweep is to perform a cleaning and inspection of your entire fireplace system. This means that they will look for damage proactively so that they can perform any necessary chimney repairs before they cause bigger problems.

Sometimes, during these chimney inspections, we may recommend that you switch to a top-mount damper. This has the added benefit of helping your fireplace work more efficiently. When cold air enters your chimney, it sits there. But, once you light a fire, the natural “heat rises” effect starts to work against this column of colder air.

Top mount damper installations and replacement in Delmont PA & Clarksburg WVUnfortunately, these two pockets of differing temperatures can also cause smoke to back up into your home. This is another benefit of top mounting dampers, as not only do they improve efficiency, but they also protect your home from dangerous gasses.

Furthermore, the spike in temperature can sometimes damage your flue tile. If you have older-style clay tiles lining your flue, they can crack and break faster when they’re exposed to rapidly changing temperatures like this.

Throat dampers help keep rain and other precipitation out, to prevent making firebox repairs a necessity. Likewise, your cap and crown will help divert some of this away from your flue. However, top mounting dampers keep it out of your flue entirely.

Finally, top mounting dampers help keep animals and other debris out of your flue. Think of a top-mounted damper as a “Do Not Enter” sign, keeping these dangerous obstructions from causing problems with your fireplace and chimney system.

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