Wood Burning Inserts

Advance Chimney Sweeps installs wood burning inserts in and around the Pittsburgh, PA region including Upper St. Clair, PA, Clarksburg, WV, Delmont, PA, Moon Township, PA, and Washington, PA. With over 27 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of area homeowners convert their existing wood-burning fireplaces with our inserts. Not only are these solutions more efficient, but they provide many of the same benefits as a traditional fireplace.

Wood burning inserts available in Bethel Park & Moon Township, PA

Preserving Your Masonry Fireplace's Beauty

Gas-burning inserts are a great alternative for many homeowners. These systems rely on your supply of natural gas and create an efficient heating system. However, they lack the one thing many people have come to love about having a fireplace: the crackling and burning of using real wood.

This is where a wood burning insert comes into play. If you’re looking for a way to optimize your fireplace system, yet don’t want to lose the beauty and ambiance of a traditional experience, then the solution is a wood burning inset.

Do They Still Require An Annual Chimney Sweep Inspection?

Because a wood burning insert still produces soot, it will still need to be routinely cleaned and inspected. This helps to ensure your system is in peak operational condition at the start of each season. Our CSIA-certified team is well-versed in the ins and outs of wood burning inserts and is ready to help with these alternatives as needed.

What Are Wood Burning Inserts?

Sometimes, when our team is performing chimney repairs, we’ll find various inefficiencies in their fireplace system. Whether due to age or other home upgrades throughout the years, the fireplace a homeowner has may no longer meet their needs.

A wood-burning insert is a great solution to upgrade an existing fireplace without a complete chimney rebuilding. Wood-burning inserts can be installed in virtually any size of fireplace, and these pre-built appliances help to maximize your system’s efficiency.

Our expert chimney and fireplace technicians install wood burning inserts in Uniontown, Belle Vernon, Waynesburg,Greensburg, Washington, Monroeville, Bethel Park, Glenshaw, Cranberry, Wexford, Beaver Falls and throughout the Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, Fairmont and Clarksburg, WV regions and beyond. 

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What Are The Benefits Of A Wood Burning Insert?

Wood burning inserts provide many of the same benefits as a traditional fireplace, including ambiance and warmth. The biggest benefit of a wood burning insert is that it helps your system work more effectively — often, with upward of 80% heat retention. How is this possible exactly?

The answer is in how the system works. With a traditional fireplace, much of the heat is lost through your chimney. However, a wood burning insert utilizes a closed system, which helps to deliver more heat directly into your home.

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Fireplace maintenance takes on many forms. With a wood-burning insert, you get the best of both worlds: the efficiency of a gas-burning fireplace matched with the beauty and sounds of a traditional system.

This is a great way to save on your annual heating costs in, Monaca, PA, Beaver Falls, PA, Latrobe, PA, Coraopolis PA, Pleasant Valley, WV while still enjoying the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace.

Would you like to learn more about our various wood burning inserts? Then call us at (800) 822-2131 or contact our team here to get started.