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We provide gas fireplace solutions in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding communities in the Pennsylvania counties of Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington, Westmoreland, Beaver, Butler PA & the West Virginia counties of Monongalia, Marion and Preston WV since 1996.

Advance Chimney Sweeps is our region's preferred chimney, fireplace and stove company, providing both sales, installation, cleaning and repairs to hundreds of homeowners each year. As a PA Chimney Sweep Guild Member, we’re here to help whenever you need us. That includes helping homeowners with gas fireplace solutions.

What Is A Gas-Burning Fireplace?

A gas fireplace is an alternative solution for homeowners. Home built more than 15 years ago may have a "builder's grade" manufactured fireplace that can actually rust out and allow gases into the home. If you already have an older factory built fireplace we can change it out for a new model, or if you are building a new home or addition we can provide the new fireplace install during construction. Actually many times you can add a factory built gas fireplace in a room with no fireplace or chimney at all. These units use your existing household natural gas or propane fuel supply and can significantly reduce the need for persistent chimney repairs found with masonry fireplaces.

But just because you are burning gas, don't forget that these units also require an annual cleaning and inspection to ensure that the unit is performing properly with no potential danger signs. We will remove the logs, clean them and examine the burner and gas connections.

The Benefits Of A Gas Fireplace

Switching to a gas fireplace can provide you with many benefits! First, they’re more efficient — providing upwards of 70 to 80% more heat than a wood fireplace.

Second, they provide a “real flame” experience that an electric fireplace can sometimes be perceived to lack. Next, they provide a faster on-and-off process, giving off a more even heat from the time you light the fire until it's time to stop.

Finally, gas fireplaces are environmentally friendly and can provide your home with an entirely different look and feel especially if you opt for a custom fireplace surround and remodel.

Gas fireplace installation in Morgantown WV & Brookhaven PA

Why Would A Homeowner Choose A Gas Fireplace Over Wood-Burning?

As we’ve alluded to, the annual maintenance for a gas fireplace is less than that of a wood-burning option. Some choose to switch to gas for this very reason.

There is also the chore of carrying in firewood and storing it for the winter's burn that no longer is a concern. Switch that for the ease of clicking a remote to start the ambiance of real flames that provide warmth and ambiance with no mess.

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Do Gas Fireplaces Need A Chimney?

The answer is no, not in the traditional sense most consumers think of. Brick and mortar structures are not needed, in fact most manufactured fireplaces are vented up what is called a "chimney chase". This is a wood framed structure that can look like a brick chimney (if covered with face brick) or can be sided with the same material as the rest of the home. The venting system is made to fit the manufactured fireplace that you are installing and that metal piping goes up through the center of the wood framed structure at a safe distance from any combustibles. Other direct vent models can vent right out the side of the home.

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