Chimney Flashing Repair

Advance Chimney Sweeps is a CSIA chimney company providing chimney flashing repair in the Greater Pittsburgh PA area south to Morgantown, Fairmont and Clarksburgh WV. Our qualified technicians can help with any type of chimney service and have extensive experience with inspections, repairs, and more.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Multiple parts of your home use flashing, including your chimney. Flashing is essentially a barrier, usually metal, that helps to protect the seams of your home from leaks. In the case of chimney flashing, it sits at the intersection of your chimney and your roof and goes around the base of the chimney.

Flashing usually consists of several different pieces, often an L-shaped section that overlaps with a flat piece. Both of these rest behind a base.

Problems From Damaged Flashing

The most obvious problem, and why chimney flashing repair is so important, is to prevent water from entering into the attic of your home. This can include the masonry of your chimney structure. As brick-and-mortar is porous, it needs every ounce of protection that it can. We have seen many attics with water stains running down the chimney and through the ceiling of rooms below.

Your home itself includes components that are prone to damage if exposed to water. Everything from your drywall to the wood beams within your walls to your flooring and more can warp if continually exposed to water. Furthermore, these areas are more prone to rot, mold and mildew growth.

You may also notice moss growth along the side of your chimney. Again, this is one of the problems of damaged flashing. Chimney flashing repair can help keep this at bay.


Repair the flashing on your chimney in Murrysville & Moon Township PA

Types Of Chimney Flashing Damage

Flashing helps to prevent leaks from precipitation and condensation. Over time, via exposure to the elements, flashing can also warp or otherwise deteriorate. Sometimes, this happens because of age while other times it’s due to high winds.

If you have recently gotten a new roof, make sure that the flashing around the chimney is still in place and working properly.

Chimney flashing repair in White Hall WV & Smithton PA

How We Repair Chimney Flashing

As we mentioned, flashing often uses a set of L-shaped, flat-shaped, and base sections. The L-shaped flashing is known as your Step and the flat is your Counter flashing. We install both then wrap the base layer around both. Our technicians will then use caulk so that there is a solid, watertight seal along all seams and where it meets your roofline.

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