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We’ve had decades of experience bringing homeowners the best chimney care possible, but did you know we can also perform your annual dryer vent cleaning? That’s right – here at Advance Chimney Sweeps, we aim to do all we can to ensure homeowners in and near Pittsburgh are living as safely and comfortably as possible!

Learn more about why this service is so important, then give us a call with any questions or to make your appointment. We look forward to speaking with you soon!Book Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning - Pittsburgh PA

The Dangers of Dirty Dryer Vents

Why are annual dryer vent cleanings such a necessity? Well, lack of cleaning is the leading cause of dryer fires in the United States, and it’s why these events tend to spike around this time of year. In fact, January is the peak month for dryer fires to occur. And once flames start in your dryer, it doesn’t take long for them to spread to other areas of the home, which can lead to serious damage and injury.

In the end, thousands of dryer fires occur every single year, resulting in multiple deaths, hundreds of injuries, and millions of dollars in property loss. That’s why taking every precaution to avoid one is so essential.

Another big concern with dirty vents is the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. If your dryer runs on gas, having a clear pathway for fumes to escape is imperative. If lint is blocking things up, carbon monoxide could easily leak back into your home, triggering illness and potentially even death.

And remember – because carbon monoxide is both colorless and odorless, most won’t know it is even present in their home until they start showing symptoms. Be sure to invest in a carbon monoxide detector and have it installed near your appliance, so you’re notified right away should a leak be present.

Signs Your Due for a Dryer Vent Cleaning

Not sure when your last dryer vent cleaning was? Well, if you’re certain it has been over a year, it’d definitely be in your best interests to book an appointment with our crew. That said, there are some things you can keep an eye out for if you’re uncertain about where you stand.

Some signs of dirty dryer vents include:

  • Your clothes are taking longer than normal to dry. If your clothes still seem damp after running a full cycle and you have to run your dryer multiple times, then it’s like your vents are to blame. Not only is this frustrating and time-consuming, but it can cause your energy bills to rise, and it puts extra wear and tear on your appliance, too.
  • Your dryer is hot after running a cycle. Have you touched your appliance after taking clothes out and noticed it’s really hot? Then, something is amiss, and it could be that your vents are clogged and causing things to overheat.
  • Lots of lint is showing up in the lint trap. There should always be some lint in the trap after a drying cycle (and you should be removing it each time), but if there’s an abnormally large amount, that’s cause for concern.Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning2 - Pittsburgh PA - Advance Chimney
  • Your laundry room is unusually warm. Laundry rooms are often known for being a bit on the muggy side, but if it’s hot and muggier than usual, this is another sign that things are overheating – and clogged vents may be to blame.
  • You notice a musty, burning smell. Does your dryer seem to be giving off a suspicious, unpleasant smell? Have things looked over ASAP, so you can ensure you’re not at risk.
  • Abnormal airflow is coming out of your exhaust vent. If you’re noticing some inconsistencies with the airflow in your exhaust vent, then there are likely struggles elsewhere in your venting system. Clogs are the likely culprit, so a cleaning will be in order.
  • Debris shows up outside of your dryer vent. Is debris and lint popping up in and around your vent? This isn’t good, and it may indicate that there are things jammed up that need removing right away.

Hire Our CSIA-Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians for the Job

If you’re looking to stay safer this winter, call on us now to schedule your dryer vent cleaning. Not only will you gain peace of mind, but you’ll get heightened efficiency from your appliance, and it will be less prone to premature breakdowns, too. All too often, people think their dryer is faulty when in reality all they needed was a quick and affordable cleaning!

So, don’t wait – and don’t go buying a new dryer just yet.

We’re known for offering professional, mess-free care, and have a reputation throughout the area for being reliable and trustworthy. Contact us today for all of your chimney and venting needs – you won’t regret choosing us!