Chimney Chase Covers

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The Problem Of Water In Your Chimney

If two things in this world do not go together in any way, shape, or form it would be your chimney system and water. Water can affect many parts of your home, ranging from damaging drywall to eroding your foundation.

It can also have a significant detrimental effect on your chimney. Many of these components are made of metal or are porous. Water can easily rust the former while helping to crack, warp, and destroy the latter. In addition, excessive water within your chimney can also lead to mold and mildew growth. As both of these prefer dark, damp spaces to spur their growth, a wet chimney is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Solution Is A Chimney Chase Cover

An easy solution to help mitigate all of these effects is a chimney chase cover. They differ from a traditional cap but perform many of the same functions. These include:

  • Redirecting water and other forms of precipitation out of your flue;
  • Keeping birds and rodents from creating nests within your chimney;
  • And preventing blockages from leaves and other debris.

What Makes A Chimney Chase Cover Different?

Functionally, a chimney cap and chimney chase covers are relatively similar. So what makes them different from each other? Visually, your prefabricated chimney may appear similar to your neighbors. They can be wrapped in masonry just like a traditionally built home. The only difference is the cover itself.

Usually, it’s based on the type of home you have. Prefabricated chimneys typically will have a chase cover, while traditional masonry chimneys will have a chimney crown.

Chimney chase cover replacement in Pleasant Valley WV & Monaca PA

The First Step: A Professional Chimney Inspection

The first step in prevention is also one that you should perform annually: scheduling an annual professional chimney inspection. Here, our team will perform a chimney sweep while ensuring that each component of your chimney is functioning as intended. If chimney repairs are needed, we can easily address these at this time as well.

Chimney chase cover installations in Beaver Falls & Latrobe PA

Chimney Repairs And Your Cover

What does this mean for chimney repairs? Just like a traditionally built house, a manufactured home will need many of the same types of maintenance. These include:

And several other tasks, such as repairs to your chase and installing a new chimney chase cover if needed.

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