Chimney Tops

The Importance Of Chimney Tops

During a chimney sweep or inspection, our CSIA-certified technicians will ensure that the top of your chimney isn’t negatively affecting the rest of the system. Often, the various components of chimney tops help to prevent damage and minimize the impact of precipitation. One common problem for homeowners in Pennsylvania is the freeze-and-thaw cycle of our winter season. Since masonry is a porous material, it’s especially susceptible to the elements. Chimney tops help to minimize this problem.

There are several components to the top of your chimney, including your crown, cap, cover, rain pan, as well as several others.


Chimney Crowns

Your chimney crown helps to divert some of this water away from the structure. In addition, this cement component to your chimney system works to keep water out of the inside of your flue, further protecting it from the elements.

Chimney crowns are made of concrete. They function similarly to an umbrella, diverting the flow of water during a rain or snowstorm. They also help to keep water out of the inside of your chimney.

Like masonry, concrete is a porous material. During a chimney inspection, our team will also look at the state of your crown and make recommendations as necessary.

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Chimney Caps

At the very top of your chimney sits your cap. Caps may be the most obvious component of chimney tops. They’re used to keep animals, leaves, and other types of debris from clogging your flue. In addition, your cap is yet another way to keep water from running inside of your flue. If damaged or missing, your cap should be replaced ASAP as not only can this lead to dangerous blockages, but it can also increase your risk of a chimney fire.

Just like each of our homes is different, chimney caps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are relatively small while other homes will need to consider an option from our selection of custom chimney caps.

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Chimney Covers & Rain Pans

An alternative to (though occasionally used with) a chimney crown is chimney covers. These are common in prefabricated homes. Made of metal, they perform a similar function as a crown by keeping water from flowing to the inside of your flue. Sometimes called a rain pain, chimney repairs for your cover are often necessary if the component is rusty.

Other Components

There are other chimney top components like a top damper, flue covers and more. These components are also important to the function of your chimney, but not every chimney has them. Top mount dampers can help keep all the cold air old of your flue while the system is not in use. They are a great upgrade to the traditional in-flue damper system.

Our certified technicians know the ins and outs of all chimney tops!


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