Enhancing Your Fireplace Aesthetics

A fireplace is a special part of your home. It has functional benefits, helping to keep your home warm and lowering your natural gas costs. It also has aesthetic benefits, such as serving as a focal point for your room. With so many possibilities, there is no limit to the ways you can decorate yours for each season. Today, let’s go a step beyond that and look for ways of enhancing your fireplace aesthetics. 

With the cozy season not too far away, now is the best time to begin thinking about a project like this. There are a few places to get started, so follow along as we take a look at these tips for enhancing your fireplace aesthetics.

fireplace refacing in Glenshaw PAStart with paint

The first item on our list of ways of enhancing your fireplace is to use some paint. That can include the walls around your fireplace or the external brick itself.

Turn it into a focal point

Earlier, we mentioned this as one of the benefits of having a fireplace. However, if you’ve been in a functional mindset with yours, it may not have the depth of decor as it could. There are several ways that you can turn it into a focal point. This includes painting a nearby accent wall or creatively decorating your mantle based on the seasons. The options here are truly endless!

Or make it a conversational sitting area

Is your fireplace near your furniture? If not, consider moving a piece or two — perhaps a set of accent chairs — along with a side table near it. This simple rearranging can take your fireplace aesthetics up a notch or two.

Give your brick a makeover

Painting the exposed brick of your fireplace is yet another simple but highly effective way of enhancing its aesthetics. Many Advance Chimney Sweeps customers have tried this with great success. You can use a color that contrasts with the paint on your walls or one that is in the same color family. You could even paint it in conjunction with that accent wall we mentioned earlier as well.

tile fireplace in Pittsburgh PA

Add some tile

If painting the brick around your fireplace doesn’t fit your home’s aesthetic, then consider tile. Different types of ceramic tile can make your fireplace stand out, and there are varied types of color options and sizes to consider.

Use it for storage

Finally, if your fireplace is no longer in use but you still want to make use of the space, here’s an idea to help. Purchase (or build if you’re handy) shelves to insert into your firebox. Then, use it as a decorated storage cabinet or a mini library. Just be sure to give the walls a good cleaning first.

Other ways of enhancing your fireplace aesthetics

The tips we mentioned today are just a few of the ways that you can transform your fireplace. There are many others, but before you get busy with planning be sure to schedule an annual sweep and inspection first. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us for chimney service, then contact the team at Advance Chimney Sweeps by calling 412-729-2446 or send us a message here.