Greensburg, PA

Like many other communities in our region, homeowners often need chimney sweep services in Greensburg, PA. Whether they recently purchased their home and are scheduling an inspection for the first time, have lived there for a while and need to schedule annual servicing, or need major chimney repairs, we can help. Advance Chimney Sweeps is a fully licensed and insured CSIA-certified chimney company.

Smelly chimney repairs in Greensburg & West Mifflin PAWe offer many types of services throughout the region and are always ready to help when needed.

Chimney Inspections

At the same time, your Advance Chimney Sweep technician can provide quality chimney inspections. The are several levels of inspection we’ll offer during your appointment. Level 1 Chimney Inspections are a thorough yet visual inspection. Here, we’ll look for obvious signs that there’s a problem with your chimney.

More involved are Level 2 Chimney Inspections. These are also referred to as real estate inspections, as they’re a required part of the buying and selling process. Level 2 inspections use camera equipment to review the generally inaccessible areas within your flue.

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Services In Greensburg, PA

Regardless of where you live — whether on Main Street, Harvey Avenue, Arch Avenue, Kenneth Street, or somewhere else, if you have a fireplace then you’re going to need a chimney sweep and cleaning. During this process, a CSIA-certified technician will remove any dangerous creosote buildup from within your flue.

What causes creosote? It’s a natural byproduct of burning wood. If you burn unseasoned wood, it will build up faster. And even if you are careful with the type and age of the wood you use, eventually you will need a chimney sweep and cleaning from our team.

Various Types Of Chimney Repairs

We’re proud to provide chimney repairs in Greensburg, PA. Wherever you live in town, from Northmont Street to Culbertson Avenue and from Center Avenue to Brown Street and beyond, we have many options for the typical homeowner to choose from.

One area we focus on is chimney tops. One of the most basic chimney repairs is a missing or damaged cap. This is an easy fix that we can easily take care of you. In addition, we address chimney leaks all of the time. Sometimes, this is due to damaged chimney liners. We can repair or replace them with high-quality and longer-lasting inserts.

Fireplace, stove and insert installations in Greensburg, PAInstalling Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves, and Gas Log Sets

Advance Chimney Sweeps is a Greensburg, PA provider of other types of services as well. Those include maintaining the various types of fireplaces on the market, including fireplace inserts and factory-built options. In addition, we clean and service all types of stoves, inserts and fireplaces.

Our team provides fireplace remodeling services. This can be a full floor to ceiling surround refacing, a raise hearth or a new mantel.

Our company is a proud provider of ceramic gas logs. This option is an excellent way to maintain the aesthetics of your fireplace while switching to a gas-powered source of fuel.

Chimney Masonry Repair

Other types of remediation services that we offer include chimney masonry repair. There is a relatively large amount of masonry throughout your chimney system. From your firebox to your chimney crown and everything in between, we can help with all types of problems.

Tuckpointing services available in Bruceton Mills WV & Greensburg, PA

One of those in-between areas is the mortar joints between your chimney brick. As this wears out, it becomes susceptible to the freeze-and-thaw cycle of our Pennsylvania winters. Via tuckpointing, we can fix this problem for you with ease.

After the repair is completed, we’ll then apply a layer of waterproofing sealant to help prevent further issues down the road.

A Preferred Chimney Sweep In Greensburg, PA Since 1996

As our company has grown, so have our service offerings. Whether you live on Grant Street or Glenoak Street and from Harrison Avenue to Taylor Street, we’re here to help. Our team will treat you the way you deserve to be treated with the best chimney services in Greensburg, PA.

Ready to get started? Then contact us by calling (800) 822-2131 today or send our office a message HERE requesting more info.