Keeping Critters Out As The Temperatures Drops

Our homes are our safe space. We want them to be comfortable, secure, and private. Your fireplace helps to promote that type of environment. However, it can also be a source of an unexpected invasion. What are we referring to? Animals. From birds to rodents, many types of wildlife want to create a home within yours. Keeping critters out, especially as the temperature drops, is something the team at Advance Chimney Sweeps can help with.

Here are five things you should do if you discover unwelcome guests.

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A functional cap

The first step to keeping critters out as the temperature drops is to always have a functional chimney cap in place. During the warmer months, birds and squirrels may choose to make their springtime nests if your flue is left open. During the colder months, other types of animals will want to take advantage of the warmth that your fireplace brings.

Regardless of the who or when a functional cap can help keep this from happening.

Top mounting dampers

Another way of keeping critters out of your chimney is by installing top mounting dampers. These all-in-one units act as both a cap as well as a damper. 

First, your throat-mount damper controls the flow of air in and out of your chimney. When you’re burning a fire, it should be open. When you’re not, it should be closed. However, this leaves a large portion of your chimney open to external airflow.

Top mounting dampers close off your entire chimney when your fireplace is not in use. This then has the added benefit of keeping animals out as the entire system is now sealed up. Plus, with top mounting dampers, your flue will be fully protected from any type of precipitation.

Ultrasonic equipment 

The first two methods we mentioned are your best options. A third one is to consider installing ultrasonic equipment near the entrance to your chimney. These units will create a noise that we can’t hear but that will act as a deterrent for birds, mice, and other wildlife. Unlike the first two options, there is no protection from the elements. However, when used in conjunction with one of the first two options, it’s a great way to keep unwanted critters out as the temperature drops.

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Be sure to call animal control

So while our first three tips have focused on prevention, what happens when you find animals already present within your chimney? Your best option is to call animal control. In some cases, there may be laws preventing you from removing them yourself. In other situations, there may be safety concerns at play.

Animal control can ensure that you and your family stay safe while they remove the animals from your chimney the right way.

And then call our team for assistance

Once animal control is done, the final step is to call our team for assistance. We can fix whatever problem allowed these animals in while ensuring that your fireplace is ready for usage this fall.

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