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Do you have a fireplace system? If so, then at some point you’ll need to contact a chimney company in Monroeville, PA. In addition, it’s always best to work with a CSIA-certified team that is fully licensed and trained to handle any problem you may have with your fireplace, flue, masonry, and more.

Replacing chimney liners, caps, covers and more chimney repairs in Monroeville, PAThat’s where we come in! Advance Chimney Sweeps has been serving Monroeville, PA with our high-quality chimney services since 1996. A proud PA Chimney Sweep Guild Member, we have a wide range of chimney services to keep your home safe and your chimney functional.

The Best Chimney Repairs in Monroeville, PA

As we’ve alluded to, there are many components to your chimney system. However, regardless of where you live in the Monroeville, PA community, we can help with them. Some of the more basic chimney repairs are replacing missing caps. A bit more involved, but just as important is the process of repairing or replacing chimney liners.

Perhaps, more importantly, are all of the various components that can help prevent chimney leaks. We can help fix the problem, whatever it may be, and then apply a waterproofing sealant to keep it at bay. In addition, we offer firebox repair services in Monroeville, PA including remodeling, refacing, and more.

Professional Chimney Sweep Services

One of the most important fireplace services is scheduling an annual chimney sweep and cleaning for your home. This simple yet effective process helps to remove any dangerous creosote build-up within your flue.

What is creosote? It’s a by-product of burning wood. Even if you burn mostly seasoned wood, you’ll still experience issues with creosote over time. This is magnified even more so if you primarily burn unseasoned wood.

During our chimney sweep and cleaning visit at your home, we’ll make certain that our technicians remove all of this dangerous substance from your flue.

Efficient Chimney Masonry Repair

Your firebox is one component of your masonry. We provide efficient chimney masonry repair to the other portions as well, including:

  • Your crown, which helps to redirect water away from your chimney;
  • Your mortar via Tuckpointing, which helps to reduce the impact of water damage;
  • And retrofits of your existing system into another option.

Sometimes, we’ll encounter crumbling or spalling bricks during our chimney inspections. In these cases, we can help identify the cause of the problem and fix it.

3 level chimney inspections in Monroeville, PAAnnual Chimney Inspections

In addition, the Advance Chimney Sweeps team will gladly provide annual chimney inspections for your home. This allows us to inspect the condition of each of your chimney components.

There are several levels to choose from. Level 1 Chimney Inspections are the most basic option. Here, we’ll perform a visual review of the interior and exterior comments of your system.

Sometimes referred to as real estate inspections, Level 2 Chimney inspections are more involved. Your Advance Chimney Sweeps technician will use a camera to take a closer and more thorough look at the hard-to-reach places within your flue.

Of special note here is that, if you plan to sell your home, Level 2 Inspections in Monroeville, PA are a legally required aspect of the buying and selling process.

From Fireplaces To Gas Log Sets & More

We briefly touched on this option a moment ago. There are several types of fireplace systems based on how they were made and what type of fuel they burn. The latter options include wood and natural gas. In terms of construction, some are called masonry fireplaces. This simply means they followed a traditional home-building process.

Gas fireplace in Monroeville, PA

The other type of fireplace is known as factory-built fireplaces. Your builder may have put one of these manufactured fireplaces in your home when it was built years ago. Now, it may need to be replaced!

As a part of our fireplace remodeling, we help homeowners decide if they want to convert their fireplace from one style to another with insert solutions. These include wood and gas.

Our team is also equipped to handle various types of freestanding wood stoves. In addition, we provide ceramic gas logs in Monroeville, PA.

Providing Chimney Services In Monroeville, PA Since 1996

If you’re looking for the best chimney company in Monroeville, PA, then you’ve come to the right place. The team at Advance Chimney Sweeps can tackle any problem you may have. Contact our offices by calling (800) 822-2131 or sending us a message HERE. We’ll schedule an appointment ASAP!