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Do you live in and around Mt. Lebanon, PA and need chimney services? Whether you need a sweep, inspection, repair, or something else we can help. Advance Chimney Sweeps is our region’s preferred provider of chimney services. We’re a BBB Torch Award winner, a member of the Pennsylvania Chimney Sweep Guild, and CSIA-certified.

Sweeping chimneys in Mt. Lebanon, PA

We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as the best chimney sweep in Mt. Lebanon, PA. Our chimney sweep and cleaning services have earned us the trust of over 30,000 customers since we opened our doors in 1996.

What is the purpose of an annual chimney sweep and cleaning? That’s easy: this process removes dangerous creosote from your flue. Creosote is a natural by-product of burning wood. However, it has several negative properties.

One, it’s toxic and a hazard to your health. Two, it can create some unpleasant odors when it mixes with moisture. And three, it’s flammable. Our chimney sweep and cleaning services will remove this substance from your system.

Chimney inspections to find problems

Our team can also perform chimney inspection in Mt. Lebanon, PA. We provide several levels of service to meet your needs. Level 1 Chimney Inspections are a common option for many homeowners. Here, we’ll visually look at each aspect of your chimney and let you know if we discover any problems.

chimney sweeping in Mt. Lebanon, PA

The next step up from that is Level 2 Chimney Inspections. Sometimes, these are referred to as real estate inspections as they’re mandated by Pennsylvania state law as a part of the home buying process. This level of inspection uses a camera to review the hard-to-reach sections of your flue to look for problems that a Level 1 Chimney Inspection might not be able to find.

Finally, Level 3 Chimney Inspections are a rare but occasionally required service. If you find yourself needing this type of inspection, we can help.

Chimney repairs and more in Mt. Lebanon, PA

Our team has provided many chimney repairs throughout our region over the years. Often, they’re fixing problems that can lead to chimney leaks. These can include:

  • A faulty damper;
  • A missing chimney cap;
  • Damaged flue tiles;

chimney masonry in Lebanon, PA

And more. Each of those plays a vital role in the safe operation of your system. Your damper controls airflow in and out of your flue. Your cap prevents obstructions such as leaves and debris. All chimney liners work to keep your home safe from the high heat associated with burning wood. If your tiles are damaged, we can replace the entire liner with a stainless steel insert.

Full-service chimney masonry repair

In addition to the standard option we mentioned, we can also handle all types of chimney masonry repair. Those include:

  • Your crown;
  • Your mortar;
  • And waterproofing sealant.

Your crown works to prevent water from affecting your brick-and-mortar. If the latter is damaged, it can be repaired via tuckpointing. Meanwhile, our team can also repair problems with your crown so that it can do its job properly.

Finally, once all chimney masonry repair projects are completed we can then apply a system-wide layer of waterproofing. This will help to prevent problems associated with water in the future.

Fireplaces, inserts, and more in Mt. Lebanon, PA

We offer additional chimney and fireplace services as well. One option growing in popularity is the return of freestanding stoves. These often burn a variety of fuel types, and we carry a wide range of options.

Fireplace remodeling and inserts are a common need, especially as new homeowners renovate older properties. Each of these can give your fireplace a much-needed overhaul while the latter will also allow you to switch fuel types. And, if you choose to go with an insert, don’t forget our ceramic gas log sets. These can maintain the look of burning wood while switching to natural gas.

Chimney services in Mt. Lebanon, PA since 1996

Our team of technicians has been thoroughly trained and each of them is fully licensed to perform chimney repairs in Mt. Lebanon, PA. From masonry problems to fixing leaks to cleaning services and more, trust Advance Chimney Sweeps to handle all of your chimney and dryer needs.

Would you like to get in touch? Then call our offices today at (800) 822-2131 or send us a message HERE to schedule an appointment for service.

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