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Fireplaces, inserts, stoves, and gas log sets in Uniontown, PA

Are you considering fireplace remodeling? If so, our team can help. They can also provide fireplace inserts, changeout factory built fireplaces and install wood stoves. This is a great way to switch your system from using one type of fuel to another.

Many of our customers that have natural in their home love to add our ceramic gas log sets. These emulate the look of wood while utilizing an alternative fuel source.

Top chimney sweep in Uniontown, PA

When was the last time you scheduled a chimney sweep and cleaning? If it’s been more than a year ago, then it’s time to contact Advance Chimney Sweeps today. We recommend that all of our customers schedule this chimney service in Uniontown, PA between the late spring and early summer. This allows us plenty of time to get your chimney ready for fall usage.

During our visit, we’ll clear out any creosote from your flue. This sticky, tar-like substance can quickly build up within a flue — particularly if you burn unseasoned wood.

gas log sets in Uniontown, PA

It’s a natural by-product, but it's more prominent when the homeowner burns soft or unseasoned wood routinely. Creosote can be toxic and smelly. It also is highly flammable and can lead to a house fire if left too long. An annual sweep and cleaning can help mitigate this problem.

Thorough chimney inspections

Our team is fully licensed and CSIA-certified. That means that, when visiting your home for a sweep, they can also perform one of our chimney inspections. This service comes in several levels, each depending on your needs.

Level 1 Chimney Inspections are great for our annual visit. We’ll look over your system and identify any problems or areas of concern.

chimney cap repair in Uniontown, PA

Level 2 Chimney Inspections are the next step up. Here, we’ll use cameras to inspect your chimney more thoroughly.

The latter is also sometimes referred to as a real estate chimney inspection. Any homeowner intending to sell their home must have a Level 2 Inspection before the property can change hands.

Effective chimney repairs in
Uniontown, PA

Depending on the results of our inspection, we may need to perform several types of chimney repairs, such as:

  • A missing or damaged chimney cap;
  • A damaged damper;
  • Or crumbling flue tiles.

Chimney leaks often stem from one of those problems. A missing chimney cap can lead to both blockages as well as leaks and should be fixed ASAP. A damaged damper can also contribute to chimney leaks, not to mention problems with airflow in and out of your flue. Beyond that, flue tiles can become worn and eventually break off. Chimney liners, in the form of stainless-steel inserts, are one way to repair this problem.

Several types of chimney masonry repair

We may uncover other problems during our inspection. Your chimney crown plays a vital role in keeping water from running down the length of your masonry. In addition, brick-and-mortar materials are porous, which can lead to gaps and cracks in your chimney.

These are examples of problems that we can fix with chimney masonry repair. Fixing a crown is imperative to keep water from causing further damage. Tuckpointing repairs problems with your mortar joints before they lead to bigger issues. And after completing all of these, we always recommend waterproofing to minimize the problem from recurring.

How to contact Advance Chimney Sweeps

When you need the very best, the answer is clear: turn to the experts at Advance Chimney Sweeps. Our knowledge and experience have helped to make us one of our region’s preferred chimney companies. If you’re in Uniontown, PA, and live on Prospect Street, Edgemont Drive, Lincoln Street, or Wayne Street, then remember that we’re here to help.

Contact us by giving our team a call at (800) 822-2131 or visit our contact page HERE and send us a short message. We’ll be in touch soon with the next steps!

dryer vent cleaning service in Uniontown, PA

Do you live on Austin Street, Carlisle Street, Butler Street, Searlight Avenue, or Hickle Street? Perhaps you live somewhere else in our community? Regardless of where you call home, if you have a fireplace that you use regularly then there is one thing you’ll need each year. A fireplace and chimney service from a professional chimney company in Uniontown, PA.

When that happens, who do you turn to? The best fireplace and chimney service in Uniontown, PA, that’s who. We’re proud to be that company and have been serving our region with world-class chimney sweeps since 1996.