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Do you live in Wexford, PA, and own a fireplace? If so, how often do you use it? If it's a regular part of your daily routine, then you should consider contacting a professional chimney company in Wexford, PA before the start of each season. They can offer many services and solutions such as chimney sweeps that can protect your home and optimize your fireplace system’s efficiency.

As a chimney company in Wexford, PA since 1996, Advance Chimney Sweeps has served thousands of customers across our region with services such as these. Each technician is CSIA-certified and we’re proud members of both the Pennsylvania Chimney Sweep Guild and National Chimney Sweep Guild.

A BBB Torch Award chimney sweep company

Our reputation as one of our region’s premier service providers has earned us many accolades over the years. Often, our customers turn to us for their annual chimney sweep and cleaning because of this commitment to quality.

What is the purpose of an annual chimney sweep? To remove dangerous creosote from your flue. Over time, this substance will build up causing many types of problems. It’s sticky, tar-like, toxic, and flammable. It’s a by-product of burning wood, but especially prominent if the homeowner burns unseasoned wood. Our team has the skills to remove this from your flue quickly and safely.

Professional chimney inspections in Wexford, PA

We offer several levels of professional chimney inspections. These help to provide homeowners with peace of mind that their system is safe to use and free of problems.

Level 1 Chimney Inspections are a visual analysis of your system. We’ll look at your masonry, your damper, your firebox, your chimney tops, and other visible components to ensure that there are no problems that would cause an immediate issue.

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Do you plan to sell your home soon? Then you’ll need a Level 2 Chimney Inspection. These are often referred to as real estate inspections as they’re required whenever a homeowner intends to sell a home that has an active fireplace. Level 2 Chimney Inspections use sophisticated camera equipment to take a closer look at the hard-to-see corners and crevasses of your chimney to look for hiding problems or trouble spots.

We’re committed to quality chimney repairs in Wexford, PA

If we identify any issues with your chimney, we’ll make recommendations for repair. Some of the chimney repairs in Wexford, PA that we offer include identifying and fixing the source of chimney leaks, replacing faulty liners with longer-lasting alternatives, and adding a cap to your chimney if yours is damaged or missing.

chimney masonry repair in Wexford, PA

We also provide damper repair services. This vital component controls the airflow in and out of your flue.

If it's stuck in one position or the other, it can severely impact your family’s health and safety.

A provider of chimney masonry repair

Chimney masonry repairs are the next step up from the summarized list of basic repairs we just mentioned.

Masonry repairs go deeper, fixing faulty chimney crowns so that your brick-and-mortar is safe from water.

We also assist with tuckpointing services when your mortar joints are damaged.

Finally, after completing all required chimney masonry repair projects, we’ll offer waterproofing. This is a helpful service that can work to protect your repairs while also preventing further damage.

Fireplace remodeling and other services

Many homeowners turn to the professionals when it comes time for fireplace remodeling in Wexford, PA.

This includes updating the look and appearance of their system and even can include adding a gas burning or wood burning fireplace insert. Factory Built Fireplaces can also be changed out for new units when yours is worn out or dangerous to use. You can switch from one fuel type to another with relative ease.

We provide freestanding wood stove units as well. If you have a traditional fireplace and a source of gas in the home, consider one of our ceramic gas log sets. These help to emulate the look of burning wood while utilizing a gas fuel source. Fireplace technicians are NFI certified and able to run gas lines into your firebox to accommodate the new gas log set.

A chimney company in Wexford, PA since 1996

If you need professional chimney services, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team is fully qualified to handle a wide range of chimney solutions. Whether you live on Limerick Road, Manor Road, Chapel Drive, Brookside Drive, Ardmore Street, Mayfield Road, High Oaks Drive, Fairoaks Street, or elsewhere in our community, we can help.

Contact Advance Chimney Sweeps today by calling (800) 822-2131 or simply by requesting more info via our contact form HERE!

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