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Check Out Our Full List of Services – We’re Here to Serve You!

Our full-service list is comprehensive, and we’re certain that if you have a chimney-related need, we can help with it. We provide these services:

  • Chimney Inspections (Level 1, 2, and Real Estate)
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Estimates
  • Chimney Repairs
    • Chimney Relining
    • Chimney Cap & Damper Replacement
    • Chase Cover Replacement
    • Chimney Leak Troubleshooting & Repair
      • Chimney Waterproofing
    • Chimney Pointing & Masonry Repair
    • Chimney Fire Restoration
    • Chimney Rebuilds & New Builds
    • Fireplace Refacing

We also carry top-of-the-line wood stoves and fireplace inserts from some of the best manufacturers around! Be sure to check out our selection if you’re in the market for something new.

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Is Water Damage Affecting Your Home in Moon Township?

Spot rust on your chimney cap, rotted woodwork, crumbling mortar joints, or maybe even puddles in your firebox? Call today! We’ve helped homeowners in Moon Township, Carnot, Moon Crest, Stoops Ferry, Bon Meade, Sewickley, McAlisters Crossroads, Edgeworth, Coraopolis, Osborne, Glenwillard, Leetsdale, Monroeville, Cranberry, and more resolve chimney leaks and water-related damages – this is one service you don’t want to put off.

If you have a chimney leak or if you’re noticing water damage in and throughout your chimney, then it’s time to get our crew on the job – and fast! The longer you put off leak-related repairs, the weaker your system will become, and there’s a long list of issues excess moisture can trigger if not addressed as soon as possible.

Now, there are a number of things that could be the cause of your issues. Fortunately, our chimney leak troubleshooting services are exhaustive, and we guarantee our certified and experienced techs won’t stop searching until they get to the bottom of it.

Common Causes of Chimney Leaks

What might be the culprit behind your issues? Here are some of the more common causes of chimney leaks and water damage:

  • Rusted/Damaged Flashing: Your flashing ensures water can’t sneak through the area where your roof and chimney meet up. This spot is vulnerable because the two materials expand and contract at different rates. If your flashing has been damaged at all, or if it’s showing signs of rusting, sections of it may need to be replaced.
  • Broken/Missing Chimney Caps: A chimney cap is essential when it comes to keeping water out of your flue. It literally covers the opening, so without one in place, water would simply go straight down into your chimney and pool on your smoke shelf or firebox floor (wreaking havoc on your liner the whole way down). But not to worry because we can install a new chimney cap that will keep water out.
  • Cracked/Damaged Crown or Chase Cover: Your chimney crown (or if you have a prefab fireplace, your chase cover) works to cover your chimney opening, while also sending water away from the sides of the chimney (or chase). If yours seems to be suffering, a rebuild or replacement piece may be in order.
  • Damaged Masonry: If your masonry has gaps, cracks, missing bricks, or crumbling mortar, then water is likely breaking things down. And the more openings that are present, the easier access moisture has to the rest of your system, too. In these cases, brick/masonry repair services, as well as pointing services, will be in order. We would also strongly recommend chimney waterproofing to avoid issues down the line.

Professional chimney repairs and inspections in Moon Township PAWhile serving homes on Thorn Run Road, Coraopolis Heights Road, University Boulevard, Beaver Grade Road, Hassam Road, Hookstown Grade Road, Montour Run Road, Moon Clinton Road, Brodhead Road, Flaugherty Run Road, Greenlea Drive, Meadowbrook Drive, Wyndhurst Drive, Amherst Avenue, Sharon Road, Shippen Drive, Lang Drive, Foxwood Road, Blake Court, Lockheed Drive, and more, we’ve seen (and resolved) our fair share of chimney leaks. Let us put a stop to yours as well.

We value education, we stand by our work, and we treat you and your home with respect and professionalism. If you need care, we’re the team to rely on!

Our CSIA-Certified Crews Provide Personalized Care

We’re in this industry to keep you safer, earn your trust, and be a team you can count on for the long haul. If you live in Shields, Wireton, Haysville, Coraopolis Heights, South Heights, Sewickley Heights, Washington, or anywhere close by, count on us for the personalized care and attention you deserve – call now!

Folks throughout our service area, including those living in nearby Washington, enjoy knowing their chimney and venting systems are kept in top-notch condition year after year by our trained crews.