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Dryer vent cleaning can keep your home safer and your dryer functioning more efficiently. We’ve performed cleanings for homeowners in Morgantown, New Morgan, Joanna, Kenneys, Fontaine, Joanna Heights, Elverson, Dampman, Suplee, Cold Run, Plowville, Churchtown, Fairmont, Glenshaw, Wexford, and more, and we can help you as well.

Did you know dryer vent cleaning is something you should be investing in on a yearly basis? That’s right – just like with chimney inspections, this is one service that could have a bigger impact on your safety than you’d think!

Learn more below, then schedule an appointment with one of our CSIA-Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians. We’re here to offer that peace of mind you deserve as you go about your daily routine!

The Benefits of Clean Dryer Vents

So, what do you have to gain by getting your dryer vents cleaned by our team of professionals?

  • Heightened Efficiency: If you’re needing to run every load of laundry through multiple drying cycles before it’s ready to be put away, something isn’t right… but don’t go out and buy a new dryer just yet! If your system can’t vent, you’ll experience this lack of efficiency. A simple cleaning is likely all you need.
  • Minimized Chance of Fire: Many don’t realize this, but the number one cause of dryer-related fires is clogged up vents. Dryer lint is one of the more flammable materials out there, and when you pair it up with an overheated appliance (which is inevitable when your system is clogged and not venting properly), the outcome typically isn’t going to be good.
  • Reduced Risk of Carbon Monoxide Exposure: Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and can be devastating to the health and wellness of those exposed. If your vents are clogged up, any gases or fumes your system produces won’t be able to effectively escape, which could quickly force them back into your home.
  • Quicker Drying Cycles: No one wants household chores to take longer than expected. The quicker you can check things off of your to-do list, the more time you’ll have to relax at the end of the day. So, waiting an extra hour for clothes to dry can increase frustration levels in a hurry. Cleanings ensure your clothes are good to go in just one cycle.
  • More Energy Savings: The more your dryer is running, the higher your energy bills will soar, too. If your monthly statements have been showing an increase lately and you think it might be linked to extra dryer usage, give us a call to look things over.
  • Less Wear & Tear on Your Appliance: If you want your appliance to stand the test of time, efficiency is key! The less you’re forced to use it, the longer it’ll last, meaning you won’t be shelling out hundreds for a new unit anytime soon.
  • Better Quality Clothes: Every time your clothes run through your dryer, their quality decreases a bit more. After time, those extra cycles take their toll, forcing you to say good-bye to beloved items much sooner than anticipated.
  • Fewer Allergens in Your Air: Dirty dryer vents trap in the water from your wet laundry, which then attracts mold, dust, and other allergens. Over time, these spread through your home, where you could easily breathe them in. This may result in a cough, congestion, or other illness, and could be especially harmful to those with asthma or other respiratory issues.

If you’re at all concerned about the state of your vents, then it’s time to reach out. We’ve traveled up and down Morgan Circle, North Street, Walnut Street, Mulberry Court, Chestnut Street, Mill Road, Main Street, Washington Street, Maple Drive, South Street, Mast Road, Saint Thomas Avenue, Maple Drive, Welsh Lane, Center Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Morgan Way, 4th Avenue, Marview Boulevard, Morview Drive, and more, and we’d be honored to help you out, too!

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