Schedule An End-of-Summer Fireplace Cleaning

Few of us want to admit it, but the end of summer is fast approaching. This means that the daylight will become shorter and the nighttime longer while the temperatures start cooling off with each passing day. However, that last one sometimes brings a smile to a homeowner’s face. Why? Because it means it’s time to start using their fireplace again. However, before you do so, here is an end-of-summer fireplace cleaning checklist that you should complete before starting your first fire.

fireplace cleaning in Bethel Park PARemove ash

The first thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is to remove any existing ash from your firebox. This is a critical item on our end-of-summer fireplace cleaning checklist. Many Advance Chimney Sweeps customers do this task at the end of the spring. But, if you’re running behind, be sure to mark this off your to-do list before fall gets here.

Scrub the walls and wash the doors

Next, you should give both the walls of your firebox a good scrub down. Using a mild soap, you can help restore the natural beauty of your fireplace with just a little bit of elbow grease. After this, you should wash your glass doors to give them that sparkling finish.

Remove any decorations

This tip is for those homeowners who choose to use their fireplace in other ways during the summer. If you’re using yours for storage or have seasonal decorations near it, be sure to remove them before lighting your first fire.

A visual inspection

The next item on our end-of-summer fireplace cleaning checklist is to go outside. Yes, take in the smells and warm temperatures while you’re there. But you should also visually inspect your fireplace. Can you see any stains on the masonry? Does your crown look intact? Is your cap in place? Does your flashing look secure? While many of these will require you to get on your roof, you can at least get a general idea as to the condition of your chimney and if it needs any type of repair.

Schedule a chimney sweep

Here is where it may be easier to contact a chimney sweep for assistance. As your fireplace should be above your roof, performing a sweep and inspection is often best handled by professionals. They can ensure that each of the items we just mentioned is in functional condition and that you’re ready to use your fireplace this fall.

chimney masonry repairs in greensburg PAPerform external maintenance

As one final item on our end-of-summer fireplace cleaning checklist, be sure to perform any required external maintenance. Letting problems go can affect the longevity of your system and even create a safety hazard, depending on their severity. Fixing fireplace problems today can save you more money later.

Contact our team for chimney service

The final item on our end-of-summer fireplace cleaning checklist is to contact our team. Whether you need an inspection, have concerns about the condition of your chimney, or it’s been a while since your last sweep, we can help. Get in touch with us by calling Advance Chimney Sweeps at 412-729-2446 or by visiting our contact form and sending us a message here.