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Chimney cover installation and more in Connellsville & Greensburg PA

What Services Do We Offer?

If you’re eager to know more about the chimney and fireplace services we offer, we’ve got you covered. Our full list of services includes these:


  • Chimney Inspections (Level 1, 2, and Real Estate)
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Estimates
  • Chimney Repairs
    • Chimney Relining
    • Chimney Cap & Damper Replacement
    • Chase Cover Replacement
    • Chimney Leak Troubleshooting & Repair
      • Chimney Waterproofing
    • Chimney Pointing & Masonry Repair
    • Chimney Fire Restoration
    • Chimney Rebuilds & New Builds
    • Fireplace Refacing
  • Wood Stoves
  • Fireplace Inserts & New Factory Built Fireplaces

We also provide quality stoves and inserts to homeowners all throughout Monroeville Boulevard, Pitcairn Road, Haymaker Road, Lynn Avenue, James Street, Tilbrook Road, Mosside Boulevard, Old William Penn Highway, Speelman Lane, Patton Street, Northwestern Drive, Catalina Drive, Harvard Road, Bucknell Drive, Hillsdale Drive, Skyview Drive, Pinevue Drive, Woodhaven Drive, Revere Drive, Cottage Lane, Colonia Drive, and more!

The Importance of Chimney Caps

Chimney caps seem unassuming, but they actually do a lot of different things to keep your chimney protected! A well-fitted cap made from appropriate materials should do the following:

  • Keep out water and moisture
  • Prevent animals from entering and building nests
  • Block downdrafts from swooping through your flue
  • Serve as spark arrestors, keeping embers and sparks from landing on roofing materials and flammable debris
  • Stop outside debris (trash, leaves, twigs, etc.) from flying into the flue and clogging things up

Top mount dampers being installed in Monroeville, PA

We Install Chimney Caps & Dampers Throughout Monroeville

Live in Monroeville, Oak Hill, Pitcairn, Linhart, Eastmont, Leak Run, Wall, Monroe Heights, Gascola, Turtle Creek, West Wilmerding, Shadow Shuttle, Bethel Park, Greensburg, Washington, or somewhere else nearby? Count on us for chimney replacement parts and installation.

Your chimney itself – that sturdy, masonry structure – gets a lot of credit for withstanding wear and tear. It stands tall through bad weather, harsh winds, and all of the acidic vapors your system pumps through it, and when properly maintained it can offer a lot of protection for decades.

But what about the other components that make up your system? The ones set in place to help the chimney effectively do its job? Two pieces of chimney anatomy that play a big role in this (but seem to get little recognition) are the chimney cap and the chimney damper.

Why a Top-Sealing Damper Is the Right Choice

Now, a damper is important for sealing up your chimney when it’s not in use, as well as ensuring there’s a wide-open path for smoke to escape through when it is in use. Traditionally, fireplaces were set up with a throat damper near the bottom of the flue. While these have done an effective enough job for decades, sweeps are now urging homeowners to consider upgrading to a top-sealing damper instead.

Why are these the better option? Well, a top-sealing damper is positioned at the top of the chimney, like a chimney cap. These dampers close tightly with a rubber gasket, so you’re getting a better seal than that metal-on-metal one their counterparts offer.

In the end, both dampers and caps are essential, and both need to be fitted right and installed properly to ensure the best results possible. That’s where our professional care comes in! We use premium products, are highly educated, and make it a priority to invest in educational training and re-certification, as necessary. When you count on us, you won’t be getting subpar service from subpar sweeps. Make the right choice by giving us a call today!

There’s No Better Team to Trust

You won’t find anyone else that puts your chimney needs higher on their list of priorities than we do. If you live in Wilmerding, East McKeesport, Chalfant, Trafford, Blackburn, North Versailles, Beaver Falls, Irwin, or anywhere else in Southwestern Pennsylvania, make us your go-to chimney company for it all. We’ll take excellent care of you and your home, guaranteed.

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